Fitbill Sit Up Decline Bench with Face Recognition Technology and Coach Program

Sit Up Decline Bench

Product Features

  • Latest technology with free android or IOS app to help you track your workout
  • Face recognition technology counts your sit-ups and a virtual coach ensures all trainees can make significant progress step by step
  • Heavy-duty steel frame, adjustable thigh support, pivoting foam rollers for lower legs with non-slip rubber frame caps to protect floor
  • Foldable for convenient storage, ideal for home fitness enthusiasts
  • Magnetic cell phone holder
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Product Description

Fitbill Sit Up Decline Bench

Train those stubborn abs with the Fitbill Sit Up Decline Bench!
FitBill equipment makes working out smarter and more effective
89% of buyers with a normal equipment can NOT insist more than 10 days
Most of us have good intensions of starting a regular exercise routine and sticking with it long enough to achieve a healthy and fit body. Unfortunately the majority of people give up after a short period of time. Why is this? Partly due to a lack of motivation, but also because unless you see regular progress you may get bored and lose interest.
Fitbill innovative exercise equipment and free training App inspires you to monitor your activities ¡°while¡± you workout. 99% users can do 100 sit-ups after 2 month training by our program and get 6 packs of abs.
Let’s see an example: I could do 12 reps when I first got the program. I was suggested to do 5 sets of 10, 10,10,8,12. I could do that easily and actually I did 50 instead of 12. Some reps were added later days. On the 30th day, it was 25, 20,20,20,35 reps. After one day rest, I did a set of 50 easily.It was awesome.

Important Specifications for Bench
# Free IOS and Android App with face recognition technology
# With magnetic cell phone holder
# Non-slip feet gloves, non-slip rubber frame caps to protect floors
# Adjustable footrest, backrest and thigh support to fit height and workout intensity
# Foldable design for convenient storage
# Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs
Tips: Sitting on the bench with your feet secured, lean back until you feel a stretch on the Abdominals. Keep the belly button pulled in and crunch forward, stopping just before tension is lost on the Abdominals. Keep your arms crossed in front of your chest or beside your head. Inhale when you lower back and exhale on the way forward each rep. Make sure to never hold your breath. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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